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Sensuous Astrology + Tarot

The answers lie exactly where we are: inside our kitchen cabinets and makeup cases, between the lines of a pop song and the pavement cracks.

Bite into an explosively juicy tomato and expose your bare skin to the sun’s hot-blooded rays (Solar, Leonine, Strength card energy of vulnerably and playfully self-expressing, in all our over-the-top glory). Or deck yourself out in prismatic rhinestones and crank up Whitney’s “I Wanna Dance With Somebody” (Mercurial, Gemini, Lovers card energy of curious reflection, and the thresholds between ourselves and others). These experiences are not just symbols of archetypal energies, but are the experiential energies themselves. The world is moving with us, alongside of us, inside of us. And we, with it.

Astrology + tarot are delicious choose-your-own-adventures, dynamic languages that invite us to discover magic and majesty in the seemingly mundane, to partner with the tenderness of the world, and to honor all the places that live inside of us in their full-throttle range of expression. Here's to diving heart first into the scents, tastes, sounds, and textures of everything that we contain ... 


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“Oooh heaven is a place on earth.”

Belndina Carlisle  


Meet Your Mystic

I’m Bess Matassa, an astrologer + tarot reader who lives in Brooklyn, New York. It wasn’t always this way, but in many ways, it always was …


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