First Gear: The Battery Pack

A private one-hour session with Bess & Cara that includes both an astrological birth chart reading, and customized lifestyle session where you'll learn how to summon your astrological forces in both material and mystical ways through Psychology & Energy, Food & Wine, Beauty & Personal Style, Art & Architecture, Home & Urban Environment, and Music & Movement. $150. Add a custom birth chart print for $30. 


Second Gear: The Gear Box

What’s under your hood? Fine-tune your engine with this private one-hour session with Bess & Cara that includes everything from our Battery Pack offering plus a customized treasure chest of objects to trick out your ride. Think bespoke jewel box meets miniature auto-body shop; inside your “gear box” you’ll find a carefully-curated collection of goods chosen by Bess & Cara just for you! Your body shop includes a matchbox car, a map of terrains to explore in your neighborhood and beyond, a color swatch of power shades, a patron saint card for guided inspiration, and a lucky charm. Arrange your objects in your home as an everyday alter, take them along in your pocket for on-the-go illumination, or place them on your dashboard to guide your ride. Go ahead and roam! $200. 


Third Gear: The Fuel System

Includes everything from our First and Second Gear offerings, plus our full deck of Everyday Alchemy cards, and six 1-hour phone/skype consultations with Bess & Cara. In our consultations, we’ll dive deeply into your astrological chart and discuss ongoing strategies for activating these energies. 

Choose from one of our two styles to structure your sessions. In the Everyday Alchemy approach, we’ll spend each of our 6 sessions exploring the intricacies of your chart through our 6 sensuous and mystical categories (Psychology & Energy, Food & Wine, Beauty & Personal Style, Art & Architecture, Home & Urban Environment, Music & Movement). 

Interested in moving beyond your personal birth chart to tap into the full, succulent spectrum of astrological language for even more inspired living? You can choose our Polarity approach, which structures your sessions around the 6 pairs of zodiac signs (Aries/Libra, Taurus/Scorpio, Gemini/Sagittarius, Cancer/Capricorn, Leo/Aquarius, Virgo/Pisces). We’ll spend each session examining how you can access each of these pairs of astrological archetypes and bring them into balance through your work, relationships, and everyday living. You’ll learn how to celebrate all parts of yourself- both the known territory and the less-traveled terrain- and to make more conscious and expansive choices that support and empower the complex being that you both already are and long to be! $850