Pisces season beckons to us from the deep end of the infinite ocean. The zodiac's mystical mermaid offers up a wide, wondrous flavor of salt water romance, where we find pure magic and mystery in the unknowable reaches of the sea floor. It's a month for delighting in your beautiful "speckhood," and celebrating your status as a tiny, sparkling dot in the majestically immense world. So slip into a shimmery swimsuit, pour yourself a piña colada, drift away, and discover the relief that comes from realizing that it's not all up to you. For your full guide to the cosmic month ahead, check out our column on The Numinous, where we offer sign-by-sign suggestions for navigating the Piscean tides- from Aries' Alaskan cruise ships to Gemini's beach party in Rio, it's a moment for melting, dissolving, and allowing it all to simply unfold.