Aquarius season shoots us straight into the stratosphere like the radical reinventresses we were born to be. The zodiac's maverick mamma sends us helicoptering far above the surface as we look down upon our precious little lives from a panned-out perspective. So slip into your neon moon booties and prepare to journey to the edges of what you thought possible. It's a month for bohemian bizarreness, utopian dreaming, and gathering like-minded loonies close for this long, strange trip. Revel in this season's eccentric invitations with our monthly column on The Numinouswhere we offer each sign their very own retro-futuristic vision. From Scorpionic ghostbusting to the Capricornian Labyrinth, it's a moment to shake it up, break it up, and wake up to a faith in our capacity to reimagine our crazy, beautiful selves.