Libra season asks us to swap between rose-colored glasses and magnifying specs as we head into the clouds to see what castles might be built all the way back down on earth. The Libran polarity empress reminds us of the sheer gorgeous humanness that's discovered through our dynamic search for equilibrium, even when the experience is one of sampling extremes. Aesthetic ideals, clear-headed compromise, and the unwavering belief in the good, the true, and the beautiful. It's a month for coming into collision with both the beliefs we fiercely claim as our own, and those we seemingly disavow. We are everything we think we could be, and so much more! Check out our monthly column on The Numinous where we offer a sign-by-sign guide to blending Libra's sense of climatological responsiveness to the world as it is with dreams of what it might be somewhere over the rainbow. From Cancer's call to become subtly unstuck with the shifting winds, to Capricornian surrender to the deluge, it's a month for watching the weather patterns and harnessing them to build our castles in the sky!