Leo Season beckons us back onto the center of the strobe-lit dance floor as we turn it on, turn it up, and shine on in all of our delicious, difficult realness. The zodiac's glamourama glitter kitten reminds us that our only job is to become more of who we already are. Yet this deceptively simple act isn't without risk; sometimes, when we show so much of ourselves, we dance alone, lit only by our own personal disco ball. But the price of not becoming ourselves is far too steep and inside the fluorescent feline's velvet-lined jewel box is the sweet, succulent sensation that it's alright to trust this life. Rainbow sherbet, sun-kissed, saturated hues, ripe flavors, and the Fantastic World of Lisa Frank ... the fiercely tender rainbow tigress sees your true colors, and that's exactly why she loves you. And check out our monthly column for The Numinous, where we supply a sign-by-sign guide for stepping out in full Leonine flair with "unguilty" pleasures. From Cancerian Snuggies to Scorpionic soap operas, it's a month for reveling in what lights up our sparkly hearts, no matter how seemingly "uncool."