This workshop is sold out! If you're interested in exploring astrological energies through bodywork and breath, email to book a private session or party. And stay tuned for upcoming public events! 

Join Mojave Rising and bodyworker Elizabeth DiLuzio for a luscious afternoon filled with massage, stretching, acupressure, and cosmic adventure. Together, we'll explore the zodiac's energetic language through the lens of Thai massage to help you activate your full range of planetary "motion": from Aries' empowered potency to Pisces' sweet surrender. In this session, you'll both learn about your personal astrological chart's themes, potentials, and challenges, and how to harness the entire zodiac's energies through Thai massage techniques. Celebrate Spring's emboldened flavors of fresh growth and curious exploration as you learn how to balance astrological elements and archetypes in your body, mind, and spirit!