Sagittarius season celebration! Join Mojave Rising at MINKA Brooklyn for an evening of sensory exploration and energetic intention-setting for the cosmic month ahead. 

As the sun moves into Sagittarius, we're beckoned up from the Scorpionic underworld and out onto the open plains of adventurous unfolding, expansion, and locomotion. Together, we'll explore the month's important astrological events through everything from Sagittarius saga The Neverending Story, to the nomadic flavors of curry powder and cinnamon. 

This is the second event in a monthly series that taps into the current cosmic landscape using music, design, personal style, the urban environment, flavors, and more. Learn how to activate the language of astrology in your daily life in ways that are both pragmatic and luscious, and how to harness the entire zodiac's teachings, no matter your sign! Perfect for both seasoned astrologers and brand new cosmic voyagers.  

Friday, December 2nd, 7-8:30pm at MINKA Brooklyn (View Map).  Space is limited. Register HERE!