Scorpio season beckons us to descend deep down into our emotional trenches as we engage in some rough and raw soul mining. The zodiac's fierce femme fatale invites us to feast on the full spectrum of human feeling as we get real about the intensity of our desire natures. It's a month  for loving, longing, and learning to sink our teeth into the full-throttle experience of living, no matter the risks. Check out our monthly column on The Numinous where we offer a sensuous sign-by-sign guide to reckoning with Scorpio's penchant for past lives and tapping into our potential to radically reimagine our own histories. From Capricorn's sojourn in 60s SoCal to Leo's high-rolling rat pack trip to 50s Vegas, it's a month for traveling back-to-the-future as we come face-to-face with past pain and pleasure, discover the diamonds that can never be stripped from us, and get on with this messy, carnal life in all its juicy glory.