Don't Be Afraid To Let Them Show (Like a Rainbow): January 23rd's Full Moon in Leo

The glamorous incandescence of the zodiac’s original glitter kitten seduces us with her disco rollerskates, endlessly solar-beamed beach blanket bingo, and mega-watt belief that we’re more than enough exactly as we are. A Leo Moon is one of unshakably sparkling value that needs nothing to shine on except the sheer deliciousness of being, complete with firecracker popsicles, slick slip n’ slides, and a whole lot of shimmer. Yet this particular full moon is accompanied by a curious team of earthy pragmatics, airy objective visionaries, and subterranean metal workers. With Capricorn, Aquarius, Aries, and Scorpio along for the ride, Leo’s caravan of sun-drenched glamourama collides with long-haul mack trucks of earthbound substance. Rather than fearing roadhouse blues, however, this moon gifts us the possibility of turning luster into something luminary instead, as it asks us how we can make work in the world that feels good to make as we lusciously dent the earth with our silk-slippered cat paws. It’s a moon for reveling in the full range of our realness and whatever we’re able to birth into this world, no matter how inchoate.

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With Mercury currently retrograde in Capricorn conjunct Pluto and squaring Uranus in Aries, we're asked to move far out beyond the weight of our words, and beyond silence, into a wilder space where we decide exactly which narratives we want to have left in our wake- from lifetime achievement speeches to headstones and all the love letters, grocery lists, and messages-in-a-bottle in between. We may even find that when we “get to the bottom" of all these tales we tell ourselves, we discover an unexpected feather bed ferreted in the darkest reaches of the basement, stuffed with rose petals and bone shards repurposed from every broken heart and every crazy passionate chance we’ve ever taken. With Venus entering Capricorn on the 25th, this moon whispers of a love that lasts. A love that’s real on an osteopathic level. We know that life is worth trusting not because it’s never hurt us deeply, but because the pleasure and pain are always worth sampling for their curious potential to surprise us in both directions. On this Full Moon, we’re snacking on those clear lollipops that house crystallized insects and violets, and we’re beckoned to savor the strangeness as we also come face to face with the wondrously bittersweet realization of the swift, remorseless passage of time tucked inside.

Bowing down at the lush, Leonine altar courtesy of emboldened street artist, Christina Angelina

Bowing down at the lush, Leonine altar courtesy of emboldened street artist, Christina Angelina

It’s a Full Moon for re-learning how to read your own aura, become your own stylist, and own whatever palette suits your soul’s intentions- whether you’re a South Beach pastel deco diva, a Vegas showgirl in all her Lisa Frank jewel-toned plumage, a Canyon queen in rugged russets, or even a subtler Parisian aesthete who celebrates the gilded sophistication of research libraries and sidewalk cafes. Whatever your rainbow, it’s time to wear it out into the world and to revel in how even the harshest light of day reveals your chosen swatches in all their attendant realness. So take your blushes, bronzers, and strobe creams out into scorching high noon or an overcast morning, and watch the full range of the world’s luminosity do its work upon you. "In the depths of winter, I finally learned that within me there lay an invincible summer," wrote Albert Camus. So go ahead and shine on through. Because it's the reason we love you.