Heaven in Earth: Astrological Terrarium Building Class

Celebrate the energies of your astrological birth chart by building your very own "planeterrarium" using tiny plants, figurines, rocks, sand, and more! Tap into your Piscean sense of allowing by playing with ethereal mosses and ferns, rejoice in your Leonine flair with magenta gemstones, or discover your Virgoan attention to detail through carefully articulated sand patterns. Activate the elemental energies of fire, earth, water, and air inside your dome and in your life outside the vessel! 

Interested in moving beyond your sun sign for a more in-depth exploration of your celestial biodome? Arrange a private, 20-minute session with Bess post class where she'll guide you through the intricate terrain of your highly-personal natal chart, which reveals life themes, challenges, desires, and potentials.

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Our February 6th class is sold out but you can join us on February 20th, from 3-4pm at Sprout Home Brooklyn, 44 Grand Street. Class fee is $75 and includes your custom terrarium to take home. Private sessions are $40. Private sessions must be booked at least 1 week in advance and spaces are limited. Please include your birth date/time/location if you'd like one of these singular experiences!