Both wings of Mojave Rising have landed on the east coast, and we've spent the last ten days together dreaming, traveling, imbibing, meditating, and gambling. We started out wandering Bess' New York City pavements and spent a week conjuring visions of new offerings and products that we're thrilled to share. We're very excited to announce that our Astrological Art Prints are now ready for purchase in our shop! These prints combine the technical with the lush and magical for a custom, frameable keepsake to remind you of your cosmic roadmap. We also met with fierce and wise sommelier Kristina Schiro to discuss the launch of Uncharted Terroir, our private astrology-wine pairing parties designed to ignite both the spiritual and the sensuous. We spent Labor Day weekend in the Shenandoah Mountains, leading a group of 25 people through a yoga and astrology retreat that was joyous, expansive, and filled with bonfire communions and abundant end-of-summer feasts. On our way back from the retreat we stopped in Atlantic City for a little kitsch, excess, and boardwalk french fries. After a night at the slots, we're primed to reveal Your Love is Wild, Your Love is Real, our 2016 Hawaiian retreat that will be filled with volcanic activity, tropical humidity, and soul-shaking activity. If you're curious about hiring us for either private wine-based or yogic astrological explorations, or about joining us in Hawaii, email Here are some photos of our dreamy week together: