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Snakeskins & Mustang Sallys: Awakening the Fall Equinox’s Cosmic Forces

Join Cara George and Bess Matassa of Mojave Rising for an emboldened, sensuous exploration of this fall’s astrological challenges and potentials. In our 2-hour laboratory, we’ll engage in meditation, ritual, and play as we help you discover how the current seasonal shifts affect your personal birthchart, and how to invite these energies into your everyday life through food, personal style and decor, music, and urban exploration. At the equinox, we stand on the threshold between darkness and light. As we descend from Libra to Scorpio and back up to the freedom fire of Sagittarius, this seasonal journey takes us into the heart of intimacy, our own intensity, our untameable dreams, and the polarities that exist inside of us. Together, we’ll awaken tangible resources for exploring these dualisms, sloughing off old snakeskins, and coming into communion with both the dark and light of our wild, sexy natures. Ride, Sally, ride!

Friday, September 27th, 7-9pm in Silver Lake, Los Angeles

Email wildhearts@mojaverising.com to secure your spot

$30.00 per person (includes wine + light refreshments)