In the endless slog of merciless self-examination, it seems we've forgotten how to play. We're often married to the shoulds and somehow convinced that pure pleasure is antithetical to our spiritual and material maturity. This glorious New Moon in Leo invites us back onto the playground of our souls for some swinging, climbing, digging, riding, and sliding. What does it mean to play? In its purest form, it is a guileless expression of life force that has no strategy and no endgame. The act of playing invites us to fearlessly bring forth our whimsical inner landscape as a reverential extension of our sheer joy at being alive. Play is a form of prayer. This act is successful not because it's recognized by others, or because it results in some tangible reward. The reward comes from becoming more and more of ourselves, and in diffusing the boundaries between ourselves and this beautiful world that we are so seamlessly a part of when we just show a little faith. The message, little love cats, is that it's alright to trust this life. On this New Moon, you've got two choices; you can either "hide beneath the covers and study your pain" or you can choose to "roll down the window and let the wind blow back your hair."

We’re choosing to roll down the windows! Cara spent the day driving along the Malibu coast, stopping at beaches along the way, and letting the sea air blow her curls into a messy, salty web. Bess took a long morning walk along the Brooklyn shore, relishing in the thick east coast summertime air, and what did she come across? A beautifully bizarre (and possibly potent female) praying mantis, doing exactly the same thing! What we strive to offer through Mojave Rising are ways to explore mystical and practical living as one big beautiful journey. Below are a few of the dreamy and pragmatic ways you can celebrate the fiery and playful New Moon in Leo (and if you’re excited to read much more about this astrological event, check out Bess’ blog. Click HERE). Explore and experiment with our methods, create your own, and let us know how it goes!  


When it comes to tunes, Cara accesses fire and play through her spirit music: 1970s muscle-car Rock n’ Roll, while Bess takes it to the rainbow-colored dancefloor with pure pop pleasure and her own version of 70s excess set to disco beats. Click HERE for a Spotify playlist that will get you swinging and shaking to ring in this new moon. Roll down the windows, turn up the tunes, and rev that engine.


There are lots of ways to bring color into your world that will help to enhance and enliven that young-at-heart energy within. Color is a powerful tool that has a profound impact on our mood and perspective. You can Invite color into your world through food, fashion, art, nature, and beyond. For this Leonine moon, one might think bold reds and yellows would make the most sense when celebrating. Bold and warm is right on, but instead of the intensity of red, try magentas, golds and bright blues on for size. Sit amongst a summertime flower garden under a brilliant sky, grill some corn and eat it with real butter, have a spicy papaya salad and cool down with some watermelon juice, take out that pink bathing suit and dive into the turquoise waves (or chlorinated pool) with wild abandon, pull out your saffron summertime sweater and cozy up to a fire with a glass of sangria. 

Design Inspiration

Whether it’s textiles in your home or runway couture, you can find inspiration in the design that surrounds you! The real you (the one letting go on the playground and having a good fucking time) is full of originality and creative force. Those things don’t lie outside of us, so when we get inspired, we get in touch. To look at something in the material world and feel awe is a spiritual experience. Here are some of our favorite designs and designers during this Leo moon.

The “Amongst Butterflies” Dress by Sarah Burton for Alexander McQueen. Stunning! Golden! Joyful!



For trips to your soul’s playground, make sure to wear your sweetheart on your neckline and also on your sleeve. 


“Brushed Trellis” wallpaper designed by Florence Broadhurst, an Australian textile and wallpaper designer from the early and mid 19th century. She was wildly ahead of her time, making bold and metallic prints! “Brushed Trellis” is all Leo, all the time. The gold, the magenta, the saturation! Oh yeah.



Ice Cream Cone rings by Melody Eshani, a fierce designer born and bred in Los Angeles. She believes in the expression of the truest self through design, and has some pretty badass things to say about letting the real you shine. She makes confident, playful jewelry that is free from self-consciousness.



Revel in Leo’s opulent, whimsical, emboldened heart energy with even more visual celebrations here:

Meditation & Ritual

This new moon is all about engaging the fire, not turning away from it, and Cara has been practicing Agni, or inner light-fire, meditation to forge boldly into the strengthening flames. Agni is the Vedic God of Fire and Transformation, and this meditation is intended to illuminate the light within and help turn creative embers into flames. Awaken your heart and soul's playground!

Sit comfortably in any position where you can keep the body alert and relaxed. Take a few breaths focusing on your physical body. Scan the body from head to toe and notice where you can find more ease and space. 

Draw your attention to the "upper room", a point six inches above the center of your head. This energetic center is calm, peaceful, and clear. Keep your focus here and simply try to connect directly to your awareness. Or, in other words, try to think of it as awareness of awareness.  

Go deeper into the heart center of this upper room and notice a bright white light. As you focus on it, soften and let the light become more and more illuminated. If you can't quite visualize the white light, see if you can just sense it instead. 

Now let the energy center open, and let the light wash over your body. Experience this pure stream of Inner Light entering through the top of your head, purifying and cleansing your whole body.

Take some time and watch the light pour slowly through your head and face, neck, chest and arms. Think of your feet and hands as open, and watch the energy pour out of them, washing your entire physical, energetic and spiritual body clean. Let the light flow through all your body systems, your muscles, nerves, bones, vital organs, skin.

After a few minutes, think of the soles of your feet closing, and let your body fill with the purifying light energy. When filled, let the light overflow around you, expanding the crystal white energy through your energy field. Absorb the light completely.

Urban Exploration

This new moon is asking you to stage a daring return to innocence. Think about the last place you wandered in your city where you felt a kind of pure pleasure that immersed you so deeply in the moment that you renovated your concept of “should,” if only for an afternoon. This is a moment to embark on a mini-getaway: think luxurious, sensuous, and possibly exotic- play at a life you don’t think you have and let that play inspire you to expand your concept of how your current life could unfold. Think casinos, theatres, and hotel lobbies. But it doesn’t have to be all about high-brow luxury. It could be as simple as a Mr. Softee ice cream cone with rainbow sprinkles and an aimless wander along scorching summer pavements, observing unexpected bursts of color, eruptions of laughter, and dancing in the streets. Choose your own adventures and follow your lucky charms rainbow straight to the source- the forgotten parts of your own heart that are trusting, simple, and joyful.  

In the middle of New York City, Bess has been dreaming of the lush, volcanic landscapes of Hawaii. She retreats to Brooklyn’s Onomea to plan real and imaginary voyages.

And returns to the pure pleasure of rythmic bodies alongside the Coney Island Dancers on the boardwalk. 

And gets downright silly as she searches out bodega animal rides.