Heaven In Earth: Astrology-Plant Pairings Class  

Calling all you soul growers and cosmic cultivators for a one-of-a-kind astrology-plant pairings session. You'll spend this "growth-oriented" class exploring each zodiac sign's energy and potential through the lens of an ever-evolving house plant. Harness your Aries endurance through the sansevieria, learn what orchid care can teach you about Capricorns, and much more. Activate the elemental energies of fire, earth, water, and air in your garden and in your life outside the pot!

Interested in moving beyond your sun sign for a more in-depth exploration of your celestial biodome? Arrange a private, 20-minute session with Bess post class where she'll guide you through your birth chart and give you a specially chosen mini plant to help connect you to your astrological roots at home.  

Saturday, December 5th, 2-3pm at Sprout Home Brooklyn, 44 Grand Street. Class fee is $35. Private sessions are $50. Email bkinfo@sprouthome.com to secure your spot. Private sessions must be booked at least 1 week in advance and spaces are limited. Please include your birth date/time/location if you'd like one of these singular experiences!