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There are so many flavors of empowered potency to choose from and we each have the potential to tap into the full spectrum of elemental energies no matter what our birth charts emphasize. Maybe you're a water sign looking to activate more over-the-top, juicy fire power. Or an air sign longing for the sensuous groundings of an earth engine. Step into the astrological body shop, choose the ride that fits you right now, and pave your own road! 


The Challenger: Fire power is fiercely extroverted, larger-than-life, and demands nothing short of the innocent belief in our own infinitely renewable capacity to shine on and on. Think hearts on sleeves, creative friction, and your wildest dreams. 

photo credit:  http://aftonstationblog-laurel.blogspot.com/2013/09/challenger-challenge.html

photo credit:  http://aftonstationblog-laurel.blogspot.com/2013/09/challenger-challenge.html

Awaken your inner Challenger by:

- Getting kinetic. Walk, run, and dance, dance, dance! Experiment with speed and dive headfirst into a new project. 

- Exercising radical presentism. Dream a rhinestoned, feathered, weird and wondrous dream without immediately stifling yourself with logistics, sober "shoulds," and scarcity mentality. Ask for something you want directly and without apology. 

- Adorning your home or yourself with bold vintage patterns. Think vinyl floral tablecloths and red shoes. Go on a mission to find mid-century signage throughout your city and relish in its fearless neon attempts to draw you in. And then, let yourself get drawn in without having to ask why. 

YOUR SONGS: The State of Dreaming/Marina and the DiamondsMy Prerogative/Britney Spears     


The Maverick: Air energy draws its power from unexpected collisions between opposing viewpoints, the capacity to breathe glittering perspective into old ways of thinking, and a buzzing mental energy that feeds off of curious interaction and experiential learning. 

photo credit: www.roadsmile.com

photo credit: www.roadsmile.com

Awaken your inner Maverick by:

- Learning. Go down an internet research rabbit hole and mine it for soul gold. Start a pinterest dream voyages board or spend the afternoon learning about the intricacies of geomorphology or Japanese tea ceremonies. The more unfamiliar the subject, the better. Let your intellectual armchair traveling reeinvigorate your relationship to habitual grooves and familiar spaces. 

- Circulating. Visit an unexplored corner of your neighborhood. Take the long way home. Step into that storefront even though you're not quite sure what wares they're hawking. Speak to a stranger. Use these unexpected encounters to open a metaphorical window in your stuffy emotional house. 

- Checking out a surrealist art exhibit. Stare for hours at the mysteries of the psychedelic, labyrinthine paintings while you turn the sharpness of your vision on and off, pivoting back and forth between focusing and blurring, simply for the sake of the experiment. You never know what will appear differently than before. 

YOUR SONGS: Door to the Cosmos/Sun Ra, Spinning Around/Kylie Minogue


The Barracuda: Water charges itself through a slippery, fluid dance of fusion and retreat. This energy's power draws from both the longing to connect and by risking this connection and its inevitable shifts and eventual loss. Water also draws strength by learning to maintain more private boundaries and listening to the inner landscape of our soul yearnings.

photo credit: www.curbsideclassic.com

photo credit: www.curbsideclassic.com

Awaken your inner Barracuda by:

- Writing yourself a love letter. Reveal your most tightly held dreams and bear witness to your interior life without having to find a hook to validate these energies in the external world. 

- Reaching out. Share something, anything- even if it's just a park bench or half a sandwich. There are as many forms of valuable relationship as there are human hearts. Every attempt to relate changes us. 

- Losing yourself in a book or film about Norman Keith Collins (aka Sailor Jerry), the preeminent American tattoo artist. Sailor Jerry's work is full of vulnerability. His iconic tattoos, which seem tough on the outside, are nothing more than attempts to connect and tap into deep emotions. Check out his infamous hearts, anchors, pin-up girls, and swallows and read about their meanings here. 

YOUR SONGS: Long May You Run/Neil Young, Your Heart is a Muscle/Carly Rae Jepsen


El Camino: Earth energy grounds down by working with what is rather than lusting after an ideal vision. Yet this capacity for pragmatism is also infinitely magical as this element honors the material world with reverence and awe, and gets to work mining its resources. 

photo credit: www.productioncars.com

photo credit: www.productioncars.com

Awaken your inner El Camino by:

- Engaging the senses. Whether it's an exotic cooking spice or a soft fabric, earth's power rests in the physical world and reminds us that the material is never immaterial. So pour the wine, light the candles and cloak yourself in silks and velvets. 

- Making something out of nothing. Create a collage out of old magazines or a meal using only the current contents of your kitchens. The point is to activate a trust in your own competence and self-sufficiency and to relax into the idea that everything you have is already more than enough. 

- Taking an architectural house tour, or visiting a Sunday afternoon real estate open-house. Engage your senses through the residential built environment. Notice the parts of the apartment or house that are structural. How do the walls and the ceilings interact? How do the rooms partition and create flow in the space? Just notice for the sake of noticing. 

YOUR SONG: Made of the Sun/Patty Griffin, Like a Rock/Jennifer Nettles