Astro: I'm packing an Aries stellium, a fluffy little Leo moon, and some scorching hot oppositions from Pluto in the 12th house. Hustle and friction on rainbow roller-skates. 

Fire (Style): I'm a perpetually lipsticked woman with a penchant for all shades of pink, violet, and turquoise, anything glittery, jeweled, or furry, and for fashion inspired by rugged and lush American landscapes- Miami tropicalia, Vegas showgirls, Dallas cowgirls, and Malibu palettes. 

Earth (Flavors): Salt, smoke, and unexpected savories- mezcal, gouda, strange floral puddings, and tar, tobacco, and mineral wine notes. 

Air (Destinations): Torrid deserts and labyrinthine cities. Death Valley, West Texas, Vegas, Paris, Palermo, and Coney Island.

Water (Patron Saints): Pop princesses and disco divas- Mala Rodríguez, Shakira, Lady Miss Kier Kirby, and Céline Dion, and astrologer Liz Greene.  

Bess is an astrologer and urban geographer living in Brooklyn, NY. She holds an MA in cultural geography and a PhD in American studies, and has spent her life exploring the collision between interior and exterior landscapes. 




Astro: Aries Sun! There's a pretty balanced elemental cocktail in my chart, but lately I've really been digging my earthy and stately Capricorn moon.

Fire (Style): I dance through the decades. The Kinks meet Linda Ronstadt meets the Clash. When I'm in doubt I ask myself if Cher would rock the look in the 70s and if the answer is yes, it's on! 

Earth (Flavors): Bold and Earthy. Smoky and Spicy.  Sweet and Subtle. Slow cooked stews and Italian deserts. Fresh fruit always. 

Air (Destinations): Big Sur, Death Valley, Rome, Prague, Hong Kong and the City of Angels.

Water (Patron Saints): Cher, Dolly Parton, Audre Lorde, Elizabeth Taylor, Gunta Stozl.

Cara is a graphic designer and yoga teacher living in Los Angeles, CA. She holds an MA in interior architecture, has studied art and architecture in Prague, and lived and worked in Rome, Italy.